The region Hauts-de-France has set up a device called Start-AIRR, intended for the Hauts-de-France academic laboratories, and dedicated to supporting the last steps of research for projects with potential for maturation, with a view to a future technology transfer. The I-SITE ULNE offers laboratories of the consortium a co-financing of up to 50,000 euros for ambitious projects with high innovation potential, as part of its scientific strategy around its three hubs: health, planet and digital world. It is a permanent device. Results - 1st session Results - 2nd session
  • Applications received before March 1st will be decided in June ;
  • applications received before June 15 will be decided in October ;
  • applications received before October 1st will be decided in February :
  • applications received before December 1st will be decided in April.
To apply: copy of the Region file and request letter to  

Industrial research chairs

The Lille conurbation (MEL) and the I-SITE ULNE jointly launch the 2019 edition of the Call for Industrial Research Chairs projects. For the I-SITE ULNE, are eligible: the laboratories of the consortium The I-SITE ULNE can provide a complementary co-financing of 20% maximum of the total eligible cost up to a limit of € 100,000. The application form can be downloaded here and have to be sent to
  • Deadline on 30 April 30 2019 for a final validation in June 2019
  • Deadline 1 July 2019 for a final validation in October 2019
  • Deadline on 30 August 30 2019 for a final validation in December 2019

Call for expressions of interest VALORISATION HSS – 2nd session

Co-funded by I-SITE ULNE and SATT Nord, this call for expressions of interest aims to highlight any innovation project coming from the research led in Human and Social Sciences laboratories of the I-SITE ULNE consortiumThe duration of the project is between 6 and 8 months, and allows a financing of 30 000 euros maximum (staff, operation, small equipments, services). Funded projects will have to respond to social or societal issues or be linked to an economic activity. Application Form The SATT, the services of the establishments and the Meshs can bring a support to set up the application. Applications have to be submitted by e-mail to until 9 May 2019 . Contacts: Gaylord BAUDEN-HAMEREL, SATT and Marie-Claire BILBAULT, I-SITE ULNE  

PhD scholarships related to companies / 2nd wave

As part of the call for projects launched by the Region Hauts-de-France (FEDER), financial support of the I-SITE ULNE up to 30% of the budget. The laboratories of the I-SITE ULNE consortium are eligible. Copy of the FEDER file and letter of request have to be submitted to until 1 February 2019