Increase international visibility

The international ambition of the project is to position the future Université Lille Nord-Europe among the 50 highest ranked universities in Europe. It is based on a strategy to increase the visibility of ULNE at the global level by:

  • strengthening the existing Strategic Collaborations of its members and fostering new partnerships with the best international universities.
  • increasing incoming and outgoing International Mobility of students and teacher-researchers through a Mobility Fund.
  • opening two representative offices, one in China and another in Brazil, to develop and strengthen partnerships with universities in Asia and the Americas.
  • creating a European Campus which will be built around strong existing or developing links with Belgian universities (including KU Leuven, a strong partner in this ambition), the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

Support for events to strengthen international collaborations.


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Contact: Stéphane THYS