Support pedagogical and digital innovation

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I-SITE ULNE aims to support excellence in academic programmes. This includes the annual award for excellence in pedagogical innovation, which recognises a teacher or team of teachers who have implemented particularly innovative approaches to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Through the Teaching Innovation Fund, the I-SITE encourages the launching of innovative and ambitious projects aimed at fostering the development of interdisciplinary and intersectoral training and learning experiences.

Thematic Graduate Schools (GS) will be made up of three interdisciplinary schools supported by the three hubs of excellence.

All training activities are coordinated by the Centre for pedagogical and digital innovation (Centre d’innovation pédagogique et numérique, or CIPN) set up within I-SITE. In particular, the CIPN will lead various cooperative actions with KU Leuven (Belgium) in close collaboration with Hub 3 on the concepts of learning analytics as well as adaptive and collaborative teaching and learning. This includes not only the implementation of innovative teaching methods, but also joint research projects related to the co-supervision of doctoral dissertations, researcher mobility and the hosting of post-doctoral fellows.

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Contact: Antoine BESNEHARD