ERC laureates within the Consortium

BEGINNING END Type of grant
Name of the project Name of the laureate
Laboratory Hub
2019 Synergy Grant Watch Vincent PREVOT JPArc health
2019 2024 Advanced Grant TimeMan Patrick CORDIER UMET planet
2017 2023 Consolidator Grant IONOS Fabien ALIBART IEMN digital
2016 2022 Starting Grant REG-SEQ Amélie BONNEFOND EGID health
2009 2015 Starting Grant MiGRant Jan RAMON CRISTAL digital
2016 2022 Consolidator Grant REPRODAMH Paulo GIACOBINI JPArc planet
2016 2018 Proof of concept SOM Jan RAMON Inria Lille digital
2015 2021 Advanced Grant IMMUNOBILE Bart STAELS EGID health
2015 2020 Advanced Grant FIREBAR-CONCEPT Serge BOURBIGOT UMET planet
2015 2020 Consolidator Grant NOVEL Vincent CASTRIC EEP planet
2015 2020 Consolidator Grant NANOBUBBLE Kevin BRAECKMANS IEMN PHLAM digital
2014 2019 Starting Grant QUANTHOM Antoine GLORIA Inria Lille digital
2014 2019 Consolidator Grant MOTMELSUM Raf CLUCKERS LPP digital
2013 2019 Starting Grant UPTEG Jean-François ROBILLARD IEMN digital
2012 2013 Proof of Concept PROMISING Bernard LEGRAND IEMN digital
2011 2017 Advanced Grant GEPIDIAB Philippe FROGUEL EGID health
2011 2018 Advanced Grant RheoMan Patrick CORDIER UMET planet
2010 2015 Starting Grant INTRACELLTB Priscille BRODIN CIIL health
2009 2013 Starting Grant SMART Bernard LEGRAND IEMN digital